D.I.Y. Hypnosis and Hallucination Machines Workshop

This workshop is ideal for beginners in hardware hacking and for those interested in psytronics, stroboscopic light and experimental sound/noise. The participant will learn how to solder, build simple electronic circuits, create a synthesiser and to hypnotise themselves.
Saturday, 17 September, 2011 - 09:00 - 14:00
Hypnosis goggles
Completed hypnosis units, Piksel10, Bergen
Hypnosis unit, Piksel10, Bergen
Hypnosis goggle installation at Knowledge Of The Hidden, Barbican Centre, London
Hypnosis unit, Piksel10, Bergen
Ryan Jordan
30 EUR

To pay online for this workshop, please click here.

Please contact the Workshop Leader ryan-jordan [at] hotmail.co.uk to discuss alternative payment methods (such as paying cash at the door).

Workshop Leader: Ryan Jordan, ryan-jordan [at] hotmail.co.uk

An introductory workshop into the practice of psytronics, hardware hacking, sensory overloading, and electro-mysticism.

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