Academic Synergies: ISEA & LEA

The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA) and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Sabanci University announce their collaboration for ISEA2011 Istanbul.

The ISEA Board has selected Istanbul as the city that will host the ISEA 17th international symposium, and Sabanci University is proud to host such an event in the multicultural and increasingly art driven city of Istanbul.

ISEA2011 Istanbul will coincide with the Istanbul Biennale, and Sabanci University will provide spaces across the city where digital, new media and contemporary artists can exhibit and showcase their work.

"ISEA2011 Istanbul will be a truly international event," said Prof. Mehmet Bac, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Sabanci University "and the synergy with the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) will offer the opportunity to publish and review the events with a series of ad hoc publications."

LEA looks forward to providing an editorial framework that will allow the publication, around specific themes, of chosen papers from the conference as well as create a catalogue that could offer space to innovative aesthetics and fine art approaches at the intersection of art, science and technology.

The call for papers for ISEA2011 Istanbul will not be based on a thematic structure but instead will welcome proposals that are innovative and daring and that showcase the best of contemporary art and science interactions. There will be opportunities for workshops, thematic sessions, panels and the showcasing of projects at the intersection of art, science and technology.

ISEA2011 Istanbul is an excellent opportunity to forge partnerships, collaborations and synergies that will be long lasting and bring international visibility and recognition.

ISEA and Sabanci University will focus on the international nature of the event through the development of partnerships with art organizations, universities and foundations as well as public and private institutions.

ISEA2011 Istanbul, in the strong tradition of this international symposium, will be opened to a wide range of themes from digital art to curatorial studies, from electronic media to digital architecture, from the intersection of art, science and technology to the concept of the digital city, from digital humanities to social media, from nanotechnology and art to urban ecologies, from transculturalism to mobile art, and more.

To develop partnerships, synergies and collaborations contact Lanfranco Aceti, ISEA Conference Chair and Artistic Director, email: