Metaverse Papers

Chair Person: 
Elif Ayiter
Stefan Glasauer
Peter Hagerty
Brad Kligerman
Jamil Mehdaoui
Sinan Mansuroglu
Merve Kurt
Almila Akdağ
Ben Schouten
Sabancı University

Metaverse papers is a virtual paper session delivered in a standalone virtual world by avatars whose presence is augmented by the voices of their handlers.

The project was conceptualized by Elif Ayiter and Lanfranco Aceti and was directed, captured and video edited by Elif Ayiter, aka. Alpha Auer, who also created the virtual architecture and the avatar apparel. The session was filmed at the New Genres Grid. A tutorial blog for some of the presenters who were novices of online virtual worlds and which is a part of the project can be viewed here.

Paper Abstracts

Synthetic Physics: Ideas for New Worlds

by Dr. Stefan Glasauer

When we enter one of the many virtual worlds available nowadays, be it a simple flat world represented in a browser game or a sophisticated three-dimensional world in a high-end computer game, we usually expect that most of the basic rules of every-day physics and geometry in the real world are implemented as well in the virtual counterpart. The geometry is Euclidean, objects look smaller when farther away, there’s an up and down, and if things fall, they fall down. Sometimes we can fly in a virtual world, sometimes things do not cast shadows, but in principle all the rules are a simplification of the real-world physical laws. But is that really necessary? Can’t we go “beyond physics”?

Keywords: synthetic physics, virtual worlds, art

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Archipelagos of Art

by Dr. Peter Hagerty

In the first year of the twenty first century I was sitting in a virtual three dimensional environment courtesy of Active Worlds. In this online computer generated world of cubes and spheres my presence was identifiable as an avatar; literally and figuratively an avatar is an incarnation of the Hindu god  Vishnu when he is on a mission to earth. My conversations were commonplace “Hello how are you ?” but I make no friends but next day invite my friend H who lives in Paris to come and join me and we sit and talk among the spheres and cubes about philosophy. The experience is exhilarating and I propose to my then head of Department that I hold a virtual seminar with my photography students, he confers with his superiors and their reply is “We have other plans for online education.” For a college which at that time didn't even have a web site I realised this was going to be a long haul.

Today we know the internet is the backbone of the global economy and without it our industrial infrastructure would collapse within hours, but a decade ago people would ask “Why do I need a website?” Today nobody asks that question, they may prefer a Blog or  Facebook page but whatever format they choose an online presence is a recognised door which connects to other people. Today the contemporary question is “Why do I need a virtual world?”

Keywords: metaverse, virtual world, avatar, immersion

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INFRA|VERGENCE_WIP: A work in progress by Building W/immaterials, Mixed Reality as an architectural platform

by Brad Kligerman, Jamil Mehdaoui, Sinan Mansuroglu

Immersive visualizations can reveal the dynamic form of communication and transportation infrastructures as they facilitate the simultaneous occupation of digital and physical worlds across three networked spaces : online, 3-D immersive worlds, and physical geographical space. This paper presents a project of immersive visualisation, based on some of the findings of an ongoing study: mapping the form & structure, scale & extents of the metaverse based on usage data flowing through this complex network. A diverse community of users, whose presence can be consistently accounted for in geospatial worlds, social networks and virtual worlds, will anonymously contribute, feeding a database of “gesture data”. By focusing on their divergent/convergent qualities as revealed by the data, a visualization of their sustaining infrastructure will emerge.

Keywords: Architecture; Mixed Reality; Innovation; Virtual Worlds; Media; Visualisation

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Corporeal Experience in Virtual Reality

by Merve Kurt

This paper will discuss the status of body and corporeal experience in the context of new media art, especially through the virtual works of art that involve digital interactivity and immersion. I will argue that an alternative understanding of aesthetics is needed in art historical and theoretical studies because the experience of virtual reality through new media art reappraise our ways of thinking about pictures and images.

Keywords: New media art, digital interactivity, immersion, corporeal experience, virtual reality

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Cybernetic Serendipity Revisited: Interaction, Play & Fun from the Universe of Electronic Art to Metaverse

by Dr. Almila Akdag Salah and Prof. Dr. Ben A.M. Schouten

From its first introduction onwards, the concept of cybernetics spread widely through many branches of academy and percolated into the everyday life soon after. Even today, it continues to affect our social and cultural life greatly. In this paper, we will trace the impact of cybernetics on electronic art, and how this impact resonates with 21st centuries’ social online networks and metaverses in the idea of participation, co-creation, and constant flux.

Keywords: participation, interaction, open-ended game design, metaverse, oSNS, deviantArt

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