Author(s) Paper
Mike Phillips, Birgitte Aga, Gianni Corino, Simon Lock Mass Body Index: Bio-OS, a Biological Operating System
Annalisa Piccirillo The choreographic Horizons of Isabel Rocamora: “Incalculable” Exiles
Piibe Piirma THE ESTONIAN EXPERIENCE: Non-Institutional Media Art Production in Estonia
Jeremy Pilcher The Rhetorical Art of Data Visualisation
Ludmila Pimentel Digital and Interactive Choreography: Innovative Women in the Dance History
Leandro Pisano The food side of sound aesthetics
Agnieszka Pokrywka Visualizing new media art in Central Eastern Europe
Søren Pold, Christian Ulrik Andersen Digital Art and Culture After Industry? – towards aesthetic business studies
Anat Pollack The Big Bang of Electronic Art: Merging Abstraction and Representation in the Age of Digital Imaging
Justine Poplin Opera & the cult of the DJ
Gabriela Previdello Orth New Media contemporary information paradigms: the reordered memory on FILE Archive structures.
Francesco Proto, Richard Vickers Cityscapes – Exploring the spirit of urban identity
Mikhail Pushkin Beyond Paradigmatic Shift: Mapping Culture and Society of Digital Age
Melinda Rackham Data Trash
Melinda Rackham Terra Virtualis: They are Reality
Martha Radice, Kim Morgan, Solomon Nagler Tracing the City: Exploring the Private Experience of Public Art through Art and Anthropology
Vanessa Ramos-Velasquez Digital Anthropophagy and the Anthropophagic Re-Manifesto for the Digital Age
Jonas Ranft A Potential Landscape
Barbara Rauch Emotion Studies in a Contemporary Art Debate (extended panel abstract)
Barbara Rauch Visualising Emotions and Autism
Claudia Rebola, Patricio Vela, Chauncey Saurus, Tayo Ogunmakin, Jorge Palacio Stitchtures: Interactive Art Installation for Social Interventions
Nicolas Reeves, David St-Onge Flying Robotic Arts for HRI and Interface Research
Jill Walker Rettberg The Genealogy of a Creative Community: Why is afternoon the “granddaddy” of hypertext fiction?
Kate Richards Are you really t/here? Affect, affordance and vitality in heterotopii of flows.
Peter Richardson Herding Cats to Infinity
Morten Riis Machine Music Through The Ears Of The Repairman
Claudio Rivera-Seguel Techno-Cultural Asymmetry in Latin America
Hector Rodriguez Gestus
Elena Giulia Rossi The work of art and the internet. New curatorial issues: NETinSPACE – a case study
Stephanie Rothenberg, Jeff Crouse Laborers of Love/LOL: Behind the Scenes
Chris Rowland Aesthetic 3D Rendering of Historic Shipwrecks (An artist’s intervention in maritime archaeology)
Cynthia-Beth Rubin Digital Paint to Digital Photography: the Long Reach of Abstract Expressionism
Cynthia-Beth Rubin Introduction: The Big Bang of Electronic Art:  the Merging of Abstraction and Representation in the age of Digital Imaging
Steve Rushton Feedback As Self-performance
Georg Russegger Insecure Territories - Interventions in City Interfaces
Georg Russegger The City as Ludic Interface - Vectors of Vireal Testlabs in Urban Mediatecture
Susan Elizabeth Ryan Virtual Doppelgängers: Embodiment, Morphogenesis, and Transversal Action -- Panel Introduction
Semi Ryu, Stefano Faralli Crying with the virtual
Gavin Sade Suzumushi: A silent future.
Laura SAINI, Nicolas LISSARRAGUE, Gudrun ALBRECHT, Lucia ROMANI Stop-motion animation: towards a realistic 3D camera movement control
Rie Saito GUTAI Movement in Japan and Art Afterwards. Towards New Understanding of Current Media Art
Melissanthi Saliba Moments of Liminal Space: Methodologies and Practices for the Study of Transition
Marios Samdanis, Yikyung Kim, Soo Hee Lee Fashionable Wearables in Digital Performance
Manthos Santorineos, Stavroula Zoi Social media as art and vs art
Viola Sarnelli Cosmopolitanism and Narration: the Digital Tale
Mika Satomi, Hannah Perner-Wilson Future Master craftsmanship: Where We Want Electronic Textile Crafts To Go
Nermin Saybasili The Magnetic Field of Audiovisual Art Practices
Teresita Scalco The interactive and immersive experiences shape the new architectural language.
Margriet Schavemaker, Hein Wils Is Augmented Reality the ultimate museum app? Some strategic considerations
Alejandro Schianchi Error in apparatus as aesthetic value
Lea Schick, Anne Sophie Witzke Powering Ecological Futures
Sebastian Schmidt, Thomas Alexander Troge, Denis Lorrain Conceptual Relations: Musical Representations do not need Music Theory
Christian Schneider, Stefan Müller Arisona Responsive Illuminated Architecture
Adam Schrag War & Art in the Screenic Era
Bettina Schülke INTERACTIVE TECHNOTEXTILES - The hybrid between Textiles and Technology
Ferhat Şen, Reha Dişçioğlu Design of an Interactive Cultural Heritage Experience: The Historical Orchestra
Timothy J. Senior, Florian Wiencek ART<>SCIENCE: An Ontology
Margaret Seymour I, Robot: rethinking Jack Burnham’s systems esthetics
Alan N. Shapiro Improving the Information Society Through Awareness of Languages
Leslie Sharpe North, Interrupted
Geoffrey Shea, Michael Longford, Elaine Biddiss Art and Play in Interactive Projections: Three Cases
Pip Shea Visualising Invisible Networks as Collaborative Arts Practice
Duncan Shingleton Object Geography: The Internet of Things
Kate Sicchio Choreographing Topological Spaces within Dance Performance with Real-time Video
Cicero Silva, Brett Stalbaum Walkingtools concepts: rethinking locative media
Cara-Ann Simpson, James Laird, Ben Landau, Eva Cheng Geo Sound Helmets: breath-controlled installation
Carl Skelton Betaville: The view from New Brooklyn
Helen Sloan Data Disinformation: Data Manipulation and Imagemaking
Susan Sloan Cleaning and Character in Motion Capture Portraits
Tegan Smith Haul Out – Goodbyes