ISEA2011 and Kurye Video: Space Invaders

DATES: 12.09.2011 - 18.09.2011

The Screenings are happening in:
Yapı-Endüstri Merkezi

Fulya Mah.Yeşilçimen Sok.No:12/430 (Next to the Polat Tower) 34394 Fulya
Istanbul, Turkey

ISEA2011 Istanbul is proud to announce the collaboration with Kurye Video for a special Video Game Edition of the Kurye Video and Digital Arts Festival called: “Space Invaders” from 12.09.2011 to 18.09.2011.

Video and Digital Arts Festival Kurye will meet its spectators this year between September 14-23 at the YEM (The Building Information Center) building with its new edition dedicated to video games. Structured around a main event called Space Invaders, the festival will also include screenings, seminars, workshops and live performances and examine the boundaries between real life and the world of video games.

Inspired by the Space Invaders exhibition, previously held at FACT Liverpool and Netherlands Institute of Media Arts (NIMK) in Amsterdam, the festival program was developed in collaboration with Nimk.

The festival will showcase works by numerous renowned artists including Anita Fontaine, Aram Bartholl, Brody Condon, Cao Fei, Captain Video, Dave Griffiths, David Kaplan & Eric Zimmerman, Dgmnd, Eddo Stern, Guillaume Raymond, Jasper De Beijer, Jodi, Julian Oliver, Ludic Society, Kelly Goeller, Mark Essen, Robin Arnott, and Ubermorgen. Kurye will bring many of these artists to Istanbul for workshops and artist talks to share insight into their works, with the kind support of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Continuing its tradition of contributing to the development of various sectors of digital design and the creation of educational opportunities for the professionals and the students of these sectors, Kurye Festival will bring together the professionals of the video game sector in a seminar series. The seminar program of September 14 will bring together people, who make a profession of playing games: pro-gamers and video game critics for magazines, radio and TV stations, blogs, etc., who trade on their knowledge of video games. The program of September 15 will feature art-game developers, representatives of companies like Tale of Tales and Stout Games that develop more artistic and alternative games. They together will attempt to come up with an answer to the long-standing question of whether their works should be regarded as game or art. The last day of the seminar, organized in collaboration with Dr. Güven Çatak (Bahçeşehir University), will provide a platform for young academicians working on video games in Turkey to present their works.

This year’s screening program will focus on videos and short films that refer to or that are inspired by video games as well as feature length documentaries about them. The screenings, which will take place at the cinema hall of The Empire Project at Siraselviler, will feature films by numerous renowned directors and artists like Danny Ledonne, David Kaplan, Cao Fei and Juan Carlos Pineiro-Escoriaza. Machinimas that bring together video game footage and 3d animation techniques and present independent moviemakers working on low budgets with novel creative opportunities will also constitute a major part of the screening program. Get ready to dive into the fantastic universes created by notable machinima directors like Ross Scott, Natha Kitada and Robert Meritt!

The video screenings of the ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Arts) will also constitute another important section of the Kurye 11 Festival.

One of the hottest and most debated topics of our time, video games will be presented within the scope of such an extensive event for the first time in Turkey. The festival will open its doors at the YEM building on September 14 with a huge party realized in collaboration with ISEA featuring numerous audiovisual projects including the joint project of dgmnd and Galaxy Müzikevi: JOURNEY.

About Kurye Video Organization

Kurye Video Organization is a sole independent, international organization operating in the field of video art. Through the concept of "Kurye" (Courier in Turkish), we take the side of the image, which is ever circulating and accessible in our day. Kurye has developed a stance against the system of curators and galleries that separates the art world into those who chose and those who are chosen. Kurye Video Organization operates as an archive, meaning that rather than using theme specific works for one event only, it opens its doors to videos of every style and content, archiving videos coming from various countries and organizes events suitable to the works it has in its archive. Currently, the archive includes more than 620 videos by 250 artists from 42 countries and this number is increasing by the day. Kurye organizes international festivals, film screenings, exhibitions, web exhibitions, visual events in live music venues and live AV performances. Kurye also works as an agency in representing some of the artists and works in its archive.

The primary aim of Kurye International Video Festival is to promote Istanbul as a world-class festival center by focusing on video and new media –new super-stars of the contemporary art scene. The festival will focus on different video genres each year, as well as highlighting works from certain countries and presenting selections from numerous notable video festivals.