Glitter and Glory: About the Longing for Glamour

“Glitter and Glory: About the Longing for Glamour” – a curated short film programme with contemporary and historic short films, music clips and commercials which all feature glamour in the widest sense… musing, bright, thoughtful and sometimes just glamorous! People have always been longing for glamour to enrich their everyday lives. This programme shows various facets and intimate moments of glamour to amuse the audience but still is ambitious at the same time.
Thursday, 15 September, 2011 - 18:00 - 19:30
Saturday, 17 September, 2011 - 12:00 - 13:30
Yael Bartana, You Could be Lucky, NL 2004.
Kira Bunse, Gold (Stabil Elite), D 2010.
Pernilla Johansson, Ester, S 2004.
Jonas Mekas, Elvis, 2001.
Björn Melhus, Happy Rebirth, D 2004.
Wolfgang Muhr, Lonley at the Top, A 2006.
Birgit Hauska
Nina Waibel
Empire Cinema

People have always been longing for beauty and grandeur to enrich their everyday lives, dreaming of glamour, glitter and glory…

This event is organized by Kurye Video and Kasa Gallery

Staged by Wendy Morgan in a single close-up shot, Janelle Monáe looks like a glamorous Hollywood diva of the past in Cold War. Equally glamorously, Kira Bunse stages the band Stabil Elite and their much-discussed c/o pop hymn Gold. In No.1 (Goldfrapp), even mastiff and poodle cannot escape from common beauty ideals and the promise of fame and glory. In Alter Ego‘s Rocker, Corine Stübi confronts us with female role model stereotypes in a sensual and ironic way. Yael Bartana shows us the glitter and glory as well as the absurdity of a horse race in You could be Lucky, while Jörg Wagner shows us the longings lying in the world of actors with his film Motodrom. Air Out from Hajnal Németh creates a real sensation of grandeur, and Busby Berkely‘s By a Waterfall and Pernilla Johansson’s Ester demonstrate how opinions can differ as to how perfect synchronised swimming should look like. Showing us the dancing Elvis and making us listen to a Viennese waltz, Jonas Mekas’ Elvis let us dream of the glamour of Las Vegas and the Vienna Opera Ball at the same time. Finally, Erwin Olaf shows the ultimate pursuit of beauty and glamour after exciting minutes in Le Dernier Cri.

Apart from Hollywood, high fashion and the sparkling eyes of a star, the 14th Summer Film Night presents glamour in intimate moments with music clips, commercials, video art as well as contemporary and historic short films. Compiled by Birgit Hauska and Nina Waibel.

Look forward to (amongst others):
Yael Bartana, You Could be Lucky, NL 2004, 7’40’’
Kira Bunse, Gold (Stabil Elite), D 2010, 3’45’’
Christoph Girardet, Matthias Müller, Play, D 2003, 7’30’’
Pernilla Johansson, Ester, S 2004, 3’16’’
Jonas Mekas, Elvis, 2001, 1’
Björn Melhus, Happy Rebirth, D 2004, 2’
Wolfgang Muhr, Lonley at the Top, A 2006, 5’15’’
Benny Nemerofsky, CA 2002, I Am a Boyband, 5’15’’
Hajnal Nemeth, Air Out, HU 2008, 5’
Erwin Olaf, Le Dernier Cri, NL 2006, 3’31’’
Stefan Panhans, Pool, D 2003, 7’
Johan Renck, Pass This on (The Knife), S 2003, 4’12’’
Dawn Shadforth, Number One (Goldfrapp), GB 2005, 3’25’’
Corine Stübi, Rocker (Alter Ego), CH 2005, 5’
Jörg Wagner, Motodrom, D 2006, 9’
Christian Weckerle, Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie, D 1995, 2’14’’

And glistening and glittering commercial clips…for example:
Kira Bunse, Werbung für Forvert
Chris Cunningham, Flor by Gucci
David Lynch, Gucci by Gucci
John Cameron Mitchell, Lady Grey London (Dior)

Since 1994 the SK Cultural Foundation curated cross-genre short film programmes for a heterogene public, bringing together high culture and pop culture in an unique manner.

The 14th Summer Film Night of the SK Cultural Foundation shows the various facets of glamour in an amusing and at the same time ambitious way.
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Bios of the Presenters

Birgit Hauska

Cultural Education and Mediation / New Media Art and Film at SK Stiftung Kultur, Germany

Studied at the dance department of the sports university Deutsche Sporthochschule in Cologne

1990 to 1991 editorial work at "ballett international” and "tanz international”
1991 to 1994 researcher at the Deutsches Tanzarchiv (German Dance Archive) in Cologne, established a video department / video library
Since 1994 expert for video dance / dance and media at the SK Stiftung Kultur in charge of the following projects:

- Establishment of a video library with a main focus on video dance at the Deutsches Tanzarchiv 

- Curator of the dance film series "TANZ-Geschichten² and the open-air shortfilmnights
- Conception of the Deutscher Videotanzpreis (German Video Dance Prize)

- Curator for national and international festivals, e.g. Meeting Neuer Tanz NRW, Tanzmessen NRW as well as for Filmmuseum Potsdam, Tanzhaus Wasserwerk Zürich, St. Petri Kirche Dortmund, Goethe Institute

- European cooperation within "édition à voir² for the release of a video edition on the history of video dance
- Project direction and organisation of the 7th dance screen Festival in 1999 (Mediapark Cologne)
- Artistic direction of Grenzgänge 2001 (Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Cologne) and tanzmedial – a crossover of installation, photography and film in the SK Stiftung Kultur at the Mediapark Cologne (10.12. 2003-1.2.2004)

Nina Waibel

Nina Waibel, 1983, studied History of Arts, Media Scienes and Anthropology in Cologne, Germany and cultural education in Paris, France. Since 2007 she works for the SK Cultural Foundation, Cultural Education and Mediation, Media Art and Film e.g. as curator of the Summer Film Nights. She also assists in conception and realization of the project “Kopf einschalten und do it yourself – media art mediation for children” or the symposium “New Ways in Media Art – Production Supporting”. Furthermore she does freelance work as editorial journalist and event manager.