Films, Videos and New Media: A Canadian Overview

Sunday, 18 September, 2011 - 16:00 - 17:00
Foundation (Video, 7:00 minutes, 2007) by Rick Fisher and Don Rice. Courtesy of Rick Fisher, Don Rice and Video Pool
Electric Eggs (Video, 3:10, 2005) by Gwen Armstrong Courtesy of Gwen Armstrong and Video Pool
Melentie Pandilovski

Video Pool is a nonprofit Artist-Run Centre dedicated to independent video, audio and computer integrated multimedia production, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Video Pool encourages public engagement and support for media art, as well as the innovative use of new media for social and artistic goals and the development of critical and contemporary contexts for media art. Video Pool organizes

Founded in 1983, Video Pool has a membership of over 660 individual and community service organizations. Video Pool provides its members with:

•    Access to professional video and media equipment
•    Training opportunities
•    Free, world-wide distribution to markets such as galleries, festivals and institutional purchasers
•    6 – 8 presentations per year of media artworks by nationally recognized artists (free to the public)

Video Pool has been distributing tapes since 1983. Currently, we have over 1900 titles representing the work of over 500 artists. Our goal is to assist artists in getting paid for their work and to expose prairie media art to the world. We offer preview tapes, an online database, streaming video clips and screenings by appointment.

A on-line catalogue of video works can be seen on:

Bio of the Presenter

Dr. Melentie Pandilovski is a new media art curator and theorist. He is currently Director of Video Pool Media Arts Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Previously he was the Director of the Visual and Cultural Research Centre, Euro-Balkan Institute in Skopje, Director of the Experimental Art Foundation in Adelaide (2003 – 2009), and Director of the (Soros) Contemporary Art Center in Skopje (1998 – 2003). He has curated more than 100 exhibitions and organized numerous symposia, conferences, and workshops, in Europe and Australia, such as SEAFair (Skopje Electronic Art Fair) in the period 1997 - 2011. His theoretical research deals with examination of the links between art, culture, technology, individual identity, and consciousness. Editor of “Art in the Biotech Era” (EAF Adelaide, 2008). His publications include  "On Modes of Consciousness(es) and Electronic Culture", In Glimpse, Phenomenology and Media, San Diego, California, 2000, "The Position of Culture in Southeast Europe", In Understanding the Balkans, Contemporary Art Center, Skopje 2002, "Consciousness and Electronic Culture", In Consciousness Reframed (Catalogue of 4th International CAiiA-STAR Research Conference), Perth, 2002. He has been a contributor to the International Symposium of Electronic Arts as artist and theorist (Chicago 1997, Liverpool/Manchester 1998, Nagoya 2002, Singapore 2008). He has delivered texts for international conferences such as “The Phenomenology and the Web” in San Diego, “Consciousness Reframed” in Perth, “Qi and Complexity”, in Beijing. He is a member of the Board of Directors of The Society for Phenomenology and Media in San Diego.