Curatorial Concept ISEA2011 Istanbul


Curatorial  Concept

The lines and borders of contemporary national states present the observer with ideological and cultural frameworks that are no longer valid. Concepts of identity, cultural identifiers, nation state and belonging as well as place and time are challenged in both real and virtual contexts.

In the 21st century the idea of creating cultural products that are solely a reflection of a localized and isolated space is without any logical fundament. It means to deny the reality of contemporary mediated lives as well as the reality of physical routes that, across the sea of information, reach a diverse audience in the four corners of the world.

For its exhibition ISEA2011 Istanbul intends to focus on the relationship between real and virtual as a process en route of the transformation of the artwork’s multiple cultural contexts that are ungraspable in their complex interactions.

These are cultural practices “in an increasingly media-saturated world […] where such technologies radically bring into question not just the way in which art galleries and museums operate, but the very notions of history, heritage, and even time itself upon which they are predicated.”1

ISEA2011 Istanbul will be the locus where these different art signs and cultural products – expressions of the transformation of contemporary societies across the globe – will travel to and coexist for a period of time in a state of continuous production and flux across the cityscape and its historical, geopolitical and contemporary layers.

The contradiction of ‘containing’ the uncontainable will bring to light the processes of contextualization, interpretation and re-contextualization of ideas and cultural productions, no longer conceived as static elements but rather as evolutionary products of transformation of envisaged futures and realities that move across geopolitical spaces and times. 

Lanfranco Aceti
Artistic Director
ISEA2011 Istanbul


1 - Charlie Gere, “New Media Art and the Gallery in the Digital Age,” New Media in the White Cube and Beyond: Curatorial Models for Digital Art, ed. Christiane Paul, 14 (University of California Press, Berkeley: 2008).