Metaverse Papers

Screenshot of custom created, complimentary, unisex, full avatar ensemble for the presenters and attendees of 'Metaverse Papers'
Two screenshots of the virtual auditorium.
Screenshot of the general view of the ISEA2011 island at NGrid, with the white semi-spherical auditorium seen in the background.

ISEA2011 Istanbul is in the virtual world of Metaverse Creativity!

In the age of electronic media ISEA2011 Istanbul presents for the first time an exciting opportunity - that of participating in the conference through an avatar and delivering your paper online in a three dimensionally embodied virtual world!

Elif Ayiter, aka. Alpha Auer – who has constructed and will assist you with your participation in this 3D virtual world – will guide you through a virtual auditorium which has been custom created for ISEA2011 Istanbul.

You will be aided by a presentation system through which you will be able to deliver your slides, as well as be able to speak with your own voice, in a creative and exciting simulation of the physical presence of a ‘Real Life’ conference setting. And yes – to complete your immersive experience you will have an audience of avatars as you do so!

The New Genres Grid is a standalone virtual world which was created in early 2011, and which is solely dedicated to artistic and learning activity. The domain is a part of the OSGrid/Hypergrid system, (a newly emergent alternative to proprietary worlds such as Second Life®). New Genres Grid has been chosen as the virtual seat of ISEA2011 Istanbul for its innovative art and architecture, as well as for its stance in ensuring that the highest levels of building and creative activity be maintained throughout its future, duly observed by its later residents, as much as it is by its founders.

If you are already familiar with metaverse worlds such as Second Life®, the experience will not be one with which you are unfamiliar.

If, however, this is your first foray into virtually embodied three dimensional existence, please set aside your hesitations. Upon acceptance of your paper, you will be coached by the avatar Alpha Auer, who is widely known for her creative activity in Second Life®, and who is one of the earliest residents of the newly founded New Genres Grid. Alpha will walk you through a number of tutorials brought about through real-time, in-world meetings/appointments, which will be enhanced by a Skype voice connection; as well as through a tutorial blog which you will be able to peruse in your own time, and which will teach you how to make an effective virtual presentation and much more. Beyond this Alpha will help you create an avatar of good looks and presence, or alternatively she will give you a full avatar of her own creation. In short, the aim is to ensure that you have fun whilst you seamlessly transition into a novel mode of existence, an acquaintance with which may indeed prove to be of benefit with your future work.

Your presentation will be recorded into a virtual video prior to the conference (no need for stage jitters in other words! ;-) and the videos of all the presenters will be played back via a dedicated webpage, so that they can be accessed anywhere at any time for the duration of the ISEA2011 conference and well beyond. During the actual conference days the assembly of all recorded videos will be also played back on a continuous loop at the conference venue.

Pending payment of registration fee, your papers will be published as part of the proceedings of ISEA2011. Beyond this, depending upon the level of response which we get to this call, we also wish to create a separate volume of papers titled ‘The Metaverse Papers ISEA2011 Istanbul.’ The selected papers will also be invited as extended articles to the peer reviewed academic journal ‘Metaverse Creativity’, which specializes in this domain, as well as the Leonardo Electronic Almanac.

Please direct your submission, which should be in the form of a full paper of up to 2500 words, to the email: isea2011 [at]; subject of email: Metaverse Submission

Deadline: August 15th, 2011.

Since there may be a tutorial process involved, you will be notified of acceptance within 72 hours, in order for the preparations and the video work to speedily commence thereafter.