Jane Grant and John Matthias

Raster Plot, Ghost 1, 2011, Jane Grant, Tim Hodgson.
Raster Plot, Ghost 2, 2011, Jane Grant, Tim Hodgson.
Raster Plot, Ghost 3, 2011, Jane Grant, Tim Hodgson.
Raster Plot, Ghost 4, 2011, Jane Grant, Tim Hodgson.

Jane Grant is an artist and academic who works with sound, installation, film and drawing. Her collaborative work with scientists, musicians, composers and designers has resulted in award winning projects including, The Fragmented Orchestra with John Matthias and Nick Ryan which was winner of the PRSF New Music Award, 2008 and received an Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica 2009, Hybrid Arts Category. The Fragmented Orchestra was exhibited at FACT and 23 sites across the UK including national Portrait Gallery, The Roundhouse. Recent work includes Soft Moon and Leaving Earth; both films draw upon astrophysics and science fiction with specific reference to the writing of Italo Calvino and Stanislaw Lem. Jane is currently working with temporal, topological networks and pathways of the cortex in conjunction brain hallucination or ‘sonic ghosts’ resulting in the artwork Ghost and a series of photographic drawings regarding Dark Matter.

Jane is Associate Professor (Reader) in Digital Arts at Plymouth University, UK, co-director of the research group art + sound and Principle Supervisor in the Planetary Collegium, CAiiA-Node.

John Matthias is a musician, composer and physicist. In 2008, he won the PRS Foundation New Music Award (the musical equivalent of ‘The Turner Prize’) with Jane Grant and Nick Ryan for the development of a huge sonic installation entitled The Fragmented Orchestra, which also won an Honourary Mention at the Prix Ars Electronica 2009. He has released three albums, Smalltown, Shining (2001) on the Accidental label, Stories from the Watercooler (2008) on the Ninja Tune/ Counter label and Cortical Songs (2008) (with Nick Ryan), a work for string orchestra and solo violin which includes remixes by Thom Yorke, Simon Tong, Jem Finer and many others, on the Nonclassical record label, which was shortlisted for the Independent Music Awards (US) 2010. He has worked with many recording artists including Radiohead (The Bends), Matthew Herbert and Coldcut and performed extensively including at the Wordless Music Series in New York, The Pompidou Centre in Paris and at the Union Chapel in London

He is Associate Professor in Sonic Arts at the University of Plymouth, UK and is currently developing new instruments and compositional processes relating to sonic events and spiking neurons. These initiatives include orchestral composition, distributed systems and the development of a new Neuronal Music Technology and will form the basis of many new works and artistic collaborations.

Artist Statement

Ghost is a neuronally embedded distributed instrument merging ‘memory’ or noise in the cortex and live ambient sound to form a dynamically rich and haunting sonic artwork.