Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Your queries are important to us and your questions are most likely already answered in this list. Please check through this list before emailing us.

Should your query not be already answered please email us at this address: isea2011 [ at ]

In order to receive a prompt reply by the appropriate ISEA2011 Team Member we recommend that you email your questions to this address: ISEA2011 [at]

Please avoid copying other members of the team, since this will slow the response time.  

FAQs List


We have a full page describing all of the accommodation possibilities, click to this link:

Airport Information

For information regarding the two airports that serve the city of Istanbul please click this link:


Attendees, who are they?

Attendees are those people who do not speak and/or present at the ISEA conference and come to listen, network and participate.

How much do they pay?

They pay a ticket (which means pass) of 18 euro. The ticket of 18 euro covers the duration of the whole ISEA Symposium and other events like the boat cruises.

Conference Locations

The ISEA2011 Istanbul conference will take place in the center of the city of Istanbul in Levent at the Sabanci Towers and other city locations - from September 14 to 20, 2011.

The last day, September 21, 2011, the conference will take place in the Sabanci University campus. Transportation to the Sabanci University Campus will be arranged for presenters and attendees.


Delegates, who are they?

Delegate are workshops leaders, panel chairs and panel presenters, paper presenter, invited artists, committee members and those that participate as invited guests in the various fora and events.

Newsletter for presenters

I am having problem with the newsletter - I do not receive it.

We have transferred all papers presenters, panel chairs, panel presenters and workshop leaders to a new mailing list.
Please list isea2011noreply [at] in your contact list
If this does not work email isea2011 [ at ], subject email 'Change Email Address' and give an email address that you have either with gmail, with yahoo or hotmail.

Why cannot I use for the newsletter my institutional email address or personal site email?

Our educated guess is that some servers are considering the newsletter as spam and reject it directly without delivering to the inbox or the junk folder of those presenters who are not receiving the newsletter.

Why was I receiving my newsletter before and not now?

Because before it was coming from the UK and now it is arriving from a server located in Turkey and some of your servers appear to automatically delete the newsletters we are sending.

What are you doing about it and how can I receive the newsletter?

Please list isea2011noreply [at] in your contact list
If this does not work email isea2011 [ at ], subject email 'Change Email Address' and give an email address that you have either with gmail, with yahoo or hotmail.

I am an artist, why am I not receiving this newsletter?

Because this particular newsletter is for paper presenters. A separate newsletter with information for artists is being prepared and will be launched.

Paper formats and uploads

I have a question about papers.

Your questions are answered in this link: Please refer to this link, now and in the future, for all communications and questions regarding your papers.

Character Count Problem

In order to avoid any undesired problems about character counting in the paper submission, we advise you to pay attention to include spaces into your character count while finalizing your paper.

The transfer of your text from a word document to the website may bring unwanted codes at the backend of your document, which will also affect the character count of our system. Therefore we recommend you to copy and paste your text to Notepad (TextEdit for Mac Users) first and copy and paste it again to our website afterwards. In that way, the text you will enter will be clean and won’t create any problems.


You will receive a verification letter after you create your paper for the first time. This letter will guide you to the link where you can see and edit your paper.


You can see your paper submission in your profile and edit it as many times as you wish or need to until the paper submission system closes on September 10, 2011.


What is the presentation format?

Please use .ppt extension only.

How long should my presentation be?

If you are presenting a paper at a paper session, your presentation should not exceed 20 minutes. If you are presenting a paper at a panel, then, the duration of your paper presentation is dependent upon the organization of your panel, i.e. on the number of papers and the length of each paper at that particular panel session. The total duration of the panel should not exceed 90 minutes.

Mac or PC?

If you have a Mac, please make sure that your presentation is compatible for PC.

If you have external links in your PowerPoint please make sure that they are compatible for PC.

Am I allowed to use my own computer?

Please note that we recommend that you do not switch laptops during the presentations. Exceptions will be at the discretion of your chair. If the chair will allow you to use your own laptop, your presentation will be the last of the group in order to avoid delays and eating into other presenters' time.

Further Questions

For further questions, please contact: isea2011[at]vistatourism[dot]com

In case your emails go unnoticed and are not replied withing five working days, please try: begum.birvural[at]vistatourism[dot]com

Visa Information

For visa information please click this link: