DISLOCATIONS: ISEA2011 Istanbul and the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

Call for Video Projects on Large Screens for ISEA2011 Istanbul Video Program

Senior Curators: Lanfranco Aceti and Tihomir Milovac

ISEA2011 Istanbul and the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, present a video program of dislocations and re-contextualizations, which sees the participation of a series of invited artists and selected video submissions to a call launched by ISEA2011 Istanbul in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb and supported by Borusan Muzik Evi and Kasa Gallery. What is the relevance of contemporary local issues to a different local audience and what are the frameworks of engagement and participation across multiple spaces both physical and virtual?

ISEA2011 Istanbul and the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb seek to answer these questions by altering traditional modalities of display and engagement and adopt a curatorial framework of dislocation, transculturalism as well as ideological and cultural distance re-discussing McLuhan’s concept of global village and June Num Paik aesthetic approaches to media technology in light of the contemporary social networked realities.

Re-interpretations, mis-interpretations and un-related contexts create new modalities of perception and understanding leading to the re-discovery of the self and human commonalities beyond local realities and globalized stereotypes.

Dislocations aims to showcase artworks that represent with new social and political vigor the borderless engagements that are determining and questioning old modalities for change and transformation one hundred year on from the birth of McLuhan.

Where: Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb
In Collaboration With: ISEA2011 Istanbul
Partners: Borusan Muzik Evi and Kasa Gallery
When: 3 September 2011 to 9 October 2011

Please click here for the pdf document of the call.

Important Information

Artists from Turkey – should have Turkish citizenship in order to be able to apply and can reside anywhere in the world. The participation is free of charge.

2. Selection procedures

The curators will select from the submissions in response to this new call (and to the ISEA2011 Istanbul call now closed) 4 works to be exhibited on large screens at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb.

The decisions of the curators are final and not subject to appeal. 

Quality of work in response to the curatorial framework  will be the basis for the selection criteria.

3. Modality of Participation

In order to participate in the Call participants should present the following materials:

-    curriculum vitae  [1 page]
-    contact details of the artist or the members of the group
-     links to the online videos submitted in a word file for a maximum of 5 different videos (please if submitting more than one video link number them in order of preference for selection – e.g. video 1 [ link ]);
-    links to other supporting documentation such as sketches, images, etc.

4. Deadline

All material must be submitted as online links via email by the artists by the deadline of June 30, 2011.

The material sent by the artists in their applications will not be returned.

5. Online submission

Video submissions are accepted as online only. You can upload your videos or sections of them on Vimeo, YouTube or other online platforms.

For submitting please email: isea2011pp@gmail.com 
Subject heading: ISEA2011 VIDEO at MSU


Technical Information

Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

There are 3 levels which are following the shape of the Museum building

1.    level resolution: 1120 x 160  pixels (Horizontal x Vertical), distance between pixels 25mm
2.    level resolution: 1120 x 160  pixels (Horizontal x Vertical), distance between pixels 25mm
3.    level resolution: 1504 x 160  pixels (Horizontal x Vertical), distance between pixels 25mm

The system works with different formats: text documents (txt, doc), grafic materials (bmp, jpg, gif, pcx) and video (mpeg, mpg, mpv, mpa, avi, vcd, swf, rm, ra, rmj, asf).

North screen (left) : 38 m x 4 m
Central screen:  28 m x 4 m
South screen (wright): 28 m x 4 m