Academic Synergies

For ISEA2011 Istanbul we are planning to develop a series of international synergies with a wide range of institutions that will take the form of pre-symposia, seminars and workshops leading to the main conference event. Sabanci University, the host organization, will also establish a series of Erasmus agreements with partner institutions in order to facilitate participation, staff exchanges and student internships. These activities will allow the development of panels, foci areas, curatorial and research projects as well as art and science collaborations.

For ISEA2011 Istanbul the idea is to create, within the institutional conference, clusters of academics and researchers that - coalesced around a topic - will develop a research project or an idea for an academic publication to be developed, implemented or even launched during ISEA2011 Istanbul.

LEA (Leonardo Electronic Almanac), the publication arm of ISEA2011 Istanbul, will support these endeavors by providing an electronic platform on which these discussions and synergies can take place and develop.

ISEA2011 Istanbul has launched a call for panels, papers, artworks and workshops.

Any group or institution that wishes to develop international synergies for ISEA2011 and beyond the life of the conference are invited to contact Lanfranco Aceti- Artistic Director and Conference Chair.